Indian Diaspora Organizes Unity March in 20 US Cities to Honor PM Modi’s Visit

Chants of 'Modi Modi' Fill the Streets: Indian Americans Embrace PM Modi's US Tour

Ahead of PM Modi’s much awaited visit to the United States, Indian Americans in Washington D.C. took to the streets in a festive Unity march, giving a warm and passionate welcome to the acclaimed leader. Set to travel on his first state trip to the nation from June 20-24, PM Modi got the invitation from President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden. The agenda includes a spectacular state banquet given by the President and the First Lady on June 22.

During this major visit, the Prime Minister is set to address a Joint Sitting of the US Congress, giving a platform to enhance connections between the two countries. He will also participate in discussions with significant American lawmakers, famous individuals, and noteworthy members of the Indian diaspora.

Across the United States, Indian Americans have planned the Unity march in 20 major cities, including the busy streets of New York. The atmosphere was electrifying as the people yelled fiercely, showing their support with cries like “Modi Modi,” “Vande Mataram,” and “Vande America.”

Ramesh Anam Reddy, a member of the Indian-American diaspora and a participant in the Unity march, expressed his enthusiasm, saying, “We are all here, the Indian diaspora in Washington DC, Maryland, and surrounding cities, to celebrate Unity Day and the momentous occasion of PM Modi’s meeting with President Biden. It is a genuinely remarkable experience for all of us.”

The march intended to emphasise the increasing India-U.S. friendship and the beneficial effect it has had. Reddy highlighted that the rally was accessible to everybody, drawing not just Indian Americans but also mainstream Americans who desired to attend in support.

The Unity march has attracted enormous attention, with over 20 cities participating countrywide. In Washington, D.C. alone, an estimated 702,000 participants are scheduled to engage in this momentous event.

Raj Bhansali, another Indian American, voiced his joy and support for Prime Minister Modi, noting, “I am here to demonstrate my support for Prime Minister Modi. It is a time of enormous pleasure for all of us in the Indian community that he would be visiting the United States.”

As the anticipation grows and the Unity march gets steam, Indian Americans around the country excitedly anticipate the historic meeting between Prime Minister Modi and President Biden, ushering a new chapter in the thriving India-U.S. relationship.


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