Hate Crimes : India Warns Nationals in Canada About Them

India issues Warning for Nationals in Canada

Hate Crimes : As tensions escalate between India and Canada, the Ministry of External Affairs issued a cautionary advisory to Indian nationals residing in Canada on Wednesday.

The advisory urges Indian citizens to exercise extreme vigilance due to the increasing prevalence of anti-India activities, politically endorsed hate crimes, and criminal violence in Canada.

The advisory specifically highlights the recent threats directed towards Indian diplomats and segments of the Indian community that oppose the anti-India agenda.

To ensure their safety, Indian nationals are advised to refrain from traveling to areas and venues in Canada that have experienced such incidents, according to the Ministry of External Affairs.

Hate Crimes & Assurance

The Ministry has provided assurance that it will maintain ongoing communication with Canadian authorities to guarantee the safety and welfare of the Indian community residing in Canada.

Furthermore, the Ministry of External Affairs has recommended that Indian nationals and students currently in Canada also register with the High Commission or the Consulates General in Toronto and Vancouver.

This registration will facilitate authorities in establishing contact with Indian citizens during emergency situations or unforeseen incidents. Citizens have the option to complete this registration process through the official websites of the respective authorities or via the MADAD portal, accessible at madad.gov.in.

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