Immigration : Canada Prioritizes Workers in the Transport Sector With a Proactive Approach

Canada seeking Transport Sector Workers

Immigration : Canada has introduced a groundbreaking approach to its Express Entry system, opting for category-based selection for newcomers with transport sector work experience.

This strategic move by the IRCC aims to address labour shortages and enhance economic goals by inviting candidates with relevant work experience or French language skills to apply for permanent residency.

Marc Miller, the Minister of Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship, has revealed the commencement of the initial invitation round targeting transportation roles under the Express Entry program.

This initiative seeks to draw in highly skilled professionals with expertise in the transport industry, including commercial truck drivers, pilots, and aircraft assembly personnel. The objective is to provide the sector with the skilled workforce necessary to effectively support Canada’s transportation needs.

Immigration & Labour Shortages

According to Miller, “The category-based selection approach allows us to extend invitations to newcomers with experience in transportation roles, addressing significant labour shortages and ensuring the long-term prosperity of Canada’s transport sector.”

Canada has refined its Express Entry system to create a streamlined pathway for individuals with expertise in crucial sectors.

By giving priority to invitations for skilled newcomers with experience in transportation roles, Canada aims to address the increasing need for talent and to occupy essential positions that drive the country’s economic development and advancement.

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