Important Changes to Visa Rules for Traveling Abroad

Check out the recent Visa Rule changes

Several countries have recently implemented significant changes to visa regulations, providing more favourable conditions for Indian passport holders. From the introduction of visa on arrival and free transit visas to digitalization of Schengen visas and strategies to bypass the US visa queue, here is a comprehensive compilation of noteworthy developments that have taken place in recent months.

United States of America

Visiting the United States has become slightly more expensive as the country has raised its visa fees for various categories of travel, including business, tourism, and others.

For travellers who possess a “clearance received” or “department authorization” stamp on their passport, there is now the option to apply for an interview waiver when seeking a new visa. Those without this stamp can avail of this service if their visa is within 48 months of expiry.

Saudi Arabia

If you are in transit through Saudi Arabia and traveling on Saudia Airlines or Flynas airline, you can now obtain a complimentary four-day transit visa. This visa is automatically issued based on your ticket and remains valid for 90 days.


Egypt is set to introduce a new single-entry visa for Indian passport holders, which will be valid for 30 days. The approximate cost of this visa will be $25 (Rs 2,060).


The European Union (EU) member states and lawmakers have recently reached an agreement to transform the existing Schengen visa system into a primarily digital process. This means that the traditional physical sticker placed in passports will no longer be required.

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