High Court Orders CID to Return Passport to NRI

High Court Commands Passport Return to NRI

High Court Orders: In a recent development in Vijayawada, the High Court issued a directive on Tuesday instructing the Crime Investigation Department to promptly return the passport of Yashaswi Bodduluri, a non-resident Indian.

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The High Court’s decision was based on its observation that the CID failed to adhere to the stipulated provisions outlined in sections 91 and 102 of the Criminal Procedure Code during the seizure of the passport.

The CID had previously issued a lookout notice against Yashaswi after initiating a case against him for alleged objectionable posts on social media directed towards Chief Minister Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy.

Yashaswi was apprehended at Rajiv Gandhi International Airport, Shamshabad, by CID officials and subsequently released after serving notices under section 41A of the CrPC.

However, the CID officials went on to seize Yashaswi’s passport, citing concerns about him being a flight risk. Unhappy with the decision and in an effort to reclaim his passport, Yashaswi approached the High Court.

During the court proceedings, senior counsel Posani Venkateswariu and PVG Umesh Chandra, representing Yashaswi, argued that the CID officials had failed to adhere to the rules outlined in sections 91 and 102 of the CrPC.

This legal development underscores the importance of proper adherence to legal procedures and safeguards in matters of passport seizure, emphasizing the need for law enforcement agencies to follow due process.

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