Indian Tourists : Wanted More By Germany Boasts 51 UNESCO Sites

Germany looking forward for Indian Tourist Influx

Indian Tourists : Georg Enzweiler, Deputy Head of Mission at the German Embassy, expressed satisfaction over the growing influx of Indian tourists to Germany and affirmed their commitment to handling visa applications efficiently. He conveyed this sentiment during a press conference promoting German tourism.

A collaborative press conference by the German National Tourist Office (GNTO) and German Embassy in India was successfully conducted at the New Delhi embassy, aiming to highlight Germany as a favoured destination for Indian travellers.

Indian Tourists & UNESCO

Germany boasts 51 UNESCO World Heritage Sites and emphasizes nature and sustainability. The GNTO intends to attract Indian tourists keen on experiencing the nation’s natural landscapes, charming villages, and innovative eco-tourism initiatives.

Romit Theophilus, GNTO’s Director for India, highlighted the substantial interest among Indians for international travel. He expressed that Germany holds great allure with its outstanding offerings. The objective is to gradually regain pre-COVID-19 levels of overnight stays.

The current year has witnessed a noteworthy surge, indicating the appeal of diverse campaigns and attractions to Indian tourists. Theophilus emphasized Germany’s attractiveness to Indian travellers inclined towards cultural exploration, historical interests, urban getaways, and gastronomic experiences.

Germany’s tourism sector places a significant emphasis on sustainability. We are optimistic that Germany’s captivating natural landscapes, forward-thinking eco-tourism approaches, and abundant cultural legacy will strongly appeal to Indian tourists seeking ethical travel choices. We are convinced that this conference will motivate the media to advocate for Germany as a prime destination for responsible and conscientious travellers, Theo added.

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