France : Threatens Ban To Affordable Europe Flights

France : Not in Support of Cheap Flights

France : In an effort to combat the climate crisis, the French government is planning to present a proposal to the European Union for establishing a minimum flight price policy. This move could signal the demise of extremely affordable air travel within Europe.

The French Transport Minister Clement Beaune, highlighted in an interview that low-cost flights are no longer viable, mainly due to the climate emergency. He contended that the extremely low fares fail to consider the actual environmental impact, asserting that they do not “adequately represent the cost to the planet.”

This development follows France’s recent move to prohibit specific short-haul flight routes, promoting the preference for train travel to decrease carbon emissions. While this ban currently applies to just three routes, it signifies a broader dedication to environmental accountability.

Additionally, drawing inspiration from Portugal and Germany’s prosperous programs offering cost-effective monthly rail passes, the French government is reportedly considering the potential implementation of a comparable initiative.

France & Europe

Europe is experiencing a renewed interest in train travel, marked by proposals for new high-speed rail routes and the revival of sleeper services like the Paris to Berlin route.

As practical alternatives to air travel emerge, the possible decline of affordable flights may further incentivize passengers to choose train journeys, contributing to a greener and more sustainable future.

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