Finland : Cracks Down on Jobless Non-EU Work Permit Holders

Finland : Stricts on Unemployed workers

Finland : France’s Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment is implementing measures to strengthen the monitoring of the employment status of non-EU work permit holders.

Finland & Government Initiative

As part of a government initiative introduced in June, the updated policy stipulates that work permit holders who remain jobless and cannot secure employment within three months must depart from the country, as reported by the Xinhua news agency.

Furthermore, the new regulations allow for the cancellation of residence permits if an individual’s employment ceases. The ministry has highlighted that the existing rules lack clear guidelines regarding an acceptable period of unemployment and do not establish a formal monitoring system.

This information was detailed in a press release issued by the ministry on Friday. To implement these adjustments, employers will have a legal obligation to report to the immigration authority when a work permit holder becomes unemployed.

Employers failing to fulfil this requirement will face penalties. Minister of Employment stressed, “Going forward, a work-related residence permit in Finland will be more closely linked to the requirement of active employment. Simultaneously, it’s crucial to ensure that work permit holders receive assistance in securing new job opportunities.”

Nevertheless, as a result of the legal process necessary for these amendments, the new policies will not take effect until 2025, as indicated by the ministry.

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