Digital Nomad Visa : Exploring Sri Lanka’s Exciting New Offering

Digital Nomad Visa Introduced by Sri Lanka

Digital Nomad Visa : Reports from various media sources indicate that Sri Lankan authorities have recently granted approval for the Digital Nomad Visa. Although it was formally introduced in 2021, its official launch has only been confirmed recently.

This visa program is anticipated to provide a significant boost to Sri Lanka‘s tourism industry. To qualify for this visa, applicants must demonstrate a minimum monthly income of $2,000, and this income should be routed through the Sri Lankan banking system.

Visa holders will have the option to renew it annually, provided they maintain the required minimum bank balance. Additionally, applicants are required to pay a $500 application fee, which covers not only the primary visa holder but also their spouse and dependents.

Digital Nomad Visa & Entry

To obtain the Digital Nomad Visa, you will need a passport that remains valid for at least six months beyond your entry into Sri Lanka. This visa is particularly advantageous for employees, freelancers, or business proprietors who have international clients.

It’s important to note that individuals arriving in Sri Lanka on the Digital Nomad Visa will not be permitted to work within the country or engage in its economic activities. The introduction of this visa program was put forth by Minister of Public Security with the goal of attracting global talent.

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