Diploma Mills has Limiting Visas Response from Canada

Canada Limits Student Visas

Diploma Mills :- Canada is considering imposing limits on the issuance of foreign student visas, signalling a response to concerns about the quality of education and housing for incoming students.

This potential move, if implemented, would have significant implications, as it could curtail a vital revenue stream for Canadian colleges and universities.

Diploma Mills visas from Canda :-

Over the past decade, the influx of foreign students to Canada has seen an extraordinary surge, nearly tripling and surpassing the 800K mark last year. Despite contributing substantially to educational institutions, these students face challenges associated with exorbitant housing costs, exacerbated by a severe shortage in housing supply.

Canadian colleges and universities have become dependent on the tuition fees paid by international students, who typically pay about five times more than their Canadian counterparts.

While the immigration minister has been hesitant to enforce a direct cap on foreign student visas, the government has taken steps to address the issues at hand.

In October, a crackdown on private colleges was announced, with a focus on prioritizing permits for students attending institutions that offer high-quality services and support, including adequate housing. This signals a shift towards ensuring that foreign students receive a positive and supportive academic experience.

As part of these measures, a policy allowing foreign students to work more than 20 hours a week while classes are in session is set to be extended until April 30.

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