Mumbai Consulate Achieves Visitor Visa Milestone

US Consulate Mumbai Secures a Big Milestone

Mumbai :- In Mumbai, the US Mission to India has successfully processed an impressive tally of over 1.2 million non-immigrant visas in the year 2023, marking a significant milestone in the country’s visa processing landscape.

Mumbai Visitors :-

Notably, the US Consulate General Mumbai played a pivotal role in this achievement by processing more than 400K visas, setting an unprecedented all-time record, according to an official statement.

In celebration of this remarkable feat and in an effort to reduce visa wait times, the US Consulate General Mumbai organized a special Saturday dedicated to conducting visitor visa interviews for 2023 applicants.

This unique initiative not only highlighted the consulate’s commitment to efficient visa processing but also symbolized the exceptional demand for U.S. visas in the region, as detailed in the official release.

The significance of this achievement extends beyond numerical milestones, as the consulate’s decision to host additional Saturday interviews was driven by the need to address the extraordinary demand for U.S. visas in India.

The consulate recognized the importance of accommodating applicants promptly and efficiently, emphasizing their dedication to facilitating seamless travel to the United States.

Furthermore, the US Mission to India experienced a surge in the issuance of student visas during the summer, reaching an unprecedented total of almost 90K. In a broader context, the 2022-23 academic year witnessed a remarkable increase in the number of Indian students studying in the US.

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