12 Suspected Illegal Immigrants Arrested in Mubende Town – Indians and Chinese

Urgent Call for Foreign Nationals to Legalize Stay in Uganda

In a significant operation conducted today, officers from the Department of Inspection and Legal Services apprehended 12 individuals suspected of illegal immigrants being in Uganda. The arrests, which took place in Mubende Town, targeted mainly Chinese and Indian nationals. The authorities are currently engaged in thorough investigations to gather more information about the circumstances surrounding their illegal entry and stay in the country.

The arrested illegal immigrants, identified as illegal immigrants, were promptly taken into custody. Their actions have been found to contravene various immigration laws in Uganda. The case against them was presented at Nakawa Court, where they pleaded guilty to the charges pressed against them. Consequently, they have been remanded to Luzira Prison until July 12, 2023, at 9:00 am, when they will face sentencing. The court may order them to pay fines, serve imprisonment sentences, or both, while deportation remains a possible outcome.

This recent incident serves as a stern reminder to all foreign nationals residing in Uganda to ensure their legal status. The Department of Inspection and Legal Services urges individuals from other countries to legalize their stay in Uganda promptly. One essential step in this process is applying online for work permits through the official website. By following the immigration laws, regulations, and guidelines, foreign nationals can avoid inconveniences, legal entanglements, and potential deportation.

Uganda, as a nation, warmly welcomes individuals from around the world who wish to contribute to its growth and development. However, it is essential for both visitors and residents to respect and adhere to the immigration laws in place. The government’s efforts to ensure a secure and regulated environment for all are reflected in operations like the one conducted in Mubende Town. The Department of Inspection and Legal Services remains vigilant in upholding the immigration laws and will continue to crack down on illegal activities that compromise national security and well-being.

Foreign nationals should take immediate action to legalize illegal immigrants stay in Uganda, recognizing the significance of complying with the country’s immigration requirements. By obtaining the necessary work permits and fulfilling legal obligations, they can enjoy a safe and rewarding experience while contributing to Uganda’s growth and multicultural diversity.

Remember, it is the responsibility of all foreign nationals to familiarize themselves with the official immigration processes and requirements. To avoid any legal complications, please visit the official website and follow the appropriate channels to apply for the relevant facilities. Together, we can foster a harmonious and inclusive society that respects the laws and rights of everyone, regardless of their nationality.

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