Women Wrestlers Sacrifice Medals in Protest Against Systemic Injustice

In a dramatic act of defiance and despair, women wrestlers who have brought glory to India on the international stage have announced their intention to relinquish their hard-earned medals.

Frustrated by the systemic mistreatment they have endured and the lack of justice for sexual harassment, these athletes are taking a bold stand against a system that has failed them.

Their peaceful movement, aimed at seeking justice for the victims of sexual harassment, was met with brutal force by the police. The very place where they sought to voice their concerns was vandalized and taken away from them. Instead of addressing their legitimate grievances, the system chose to treat them as criminals, lodging serious charges against them.

What makes this situation even more disheartening is the lack of support from those in power. The President, a woman herself, remained silent despite witnessing the injustice just a stone’s throw away.

The Prime Minister, who once referred to these wrestlers as daughters, failed to protect them and instead prioritized photo opportunities with their oppressors.

Faced with such betrayal, these women wrestlers feel their medals have lost their meaning. They refuse to be mere symbols used by a system that exploits and masks their plight for its own benefit.

Instead, they have decided to discard their medals into the sacred waters of the Ganga, a symbolic act to denounce the unholy system that perpetuates their suffering.

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