Warning: Fraudulent Calls in the Name of Indian Embassy

Indian Embassy Phone Call Scam Alert in Muscat

In a recent disturbing development, officials have issued a warning on fake phone calls being made in the name of the Indian Embassy, targeting Indian people living in Muscat. These false calls have been targeted at financially exploiting naïve persons, leading the embassy to recommend care and awareness.

The basic operandi of the fraudsters entails contacting people and fraudulently stating that faults have been identified in their official papers. The callers then insist that urgent payment is necessary to repair the supposed faults. Disturbingly, countless individuals have fallen prey to this fraudulent ruse, losing considerable amounts of money.

The Indian Embassy has officially said that it never solicits personal information or financial details over the phone. To avoid additional occurrences of fraud, embassy authorities have underlined that any concerns relating to paperwork mistakes or inconsistencies would be discussed strictly via genuine email channels.

In view of these developments, it is necessary for Indian people living in Muscat to exercise utmost vigilance while receiving phone calls purporting to be from the Indian Embassy. Authorities encourage the public to desist from giving personal information or making any payments over the phone, irrespective of the urgency or seeming authenticity of the situation.

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