US Visa Updates for Indian Students

US Visa changes affecting Indian Students

US Visa Updates: To counteract fraudulent activities and prevent the misuse of the appointment system, the United States has unveiled a fresh policy slated to take effect on November 27.

According to this newly introduced regulation, individuals applying for F, M, and J student visas must personally input their passport details when creating a profile and arranging their visa appointment.

US Visa Updates

The policy explicitly states that applicants who generate a profile or secure an appointment with an incorrect passport number will not be accommodated at the Visa Application Centers (VAC).

Applicants who find themselves in the unfortunate situation of having their appointment cancelled must promptly take corrective measures. They are presented with two viable options: either establish a new profile with accurate passport information or access an existing profile that contains the correct details for scheduling a new appointment.

It is crucial to note that if a previous receipt is linked to a profile with inaccurate passport information, the applicant must obtain a new visa fee receipt.

This policy shift underscores the importance of accuracy in the application process, aiming to enhance the integrity of the visa system and ensure that only valid and verifiable information is utilized.

By placing the responsibility on applicants to provide correct passport details, the United States aims to streamline the visa application process while minimizing the potential for fraud and system abuse.

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