Uniting Strengths : On 28 July India and France Forge a Resilient Front in the Indo-Pacific to Counter China’s Influence

Emmanuel Macron's Visit Strengthens Indo-Pacific Collaboration and India-France Ties

Uniting Strengths : In a bold display of its Indo-Pacific ambitions, France welcomed (Emmanuel Macron) visit to the Pacific island nations, highlighting the nation’s strategic interests and opportunities for cooperation with India. France’s substantial maritime domain, bolstered by its overseas territories in the Indo-Pacific, places it in a unique position to address the region’s challenges, particularly concerning China’s growing influence. This article explores how the Indo-Pacific collaboration between them could pave the way for an alternative development model and non-big-power platform in dealing with China’s hegemonic practices.

France’s Maritime Dominance in the Indo-Pacific:
France’s prominence in the Indo-Pacific often goes unnoticed, but it boasts the second-largest maritime domain globally, courtesy of its seven out of thirteen overseas territories scattered across the region. For instance, Clipperton Island, located in the North Pacific, grants an Exclusive Economic Zone equivalent to the size of Sweden. This strategic positioning underscores France’s perspective of the China threat, setting it apart from other global powers.

France as a Balancer and India’s Synchronization:
Emmanuel Macron’s endeavour to portray France as a balancer in the region aligns seamlessly with India’s approach. Both countries seek to enhance their engagement with the Pacific islands while avoiding the imposition of either-or choices on these nations. While India collaborates with the US in its efforts, France’s historical ties to the Pacific islands and its significant Indian diaspora presence in countries like Fiji provide an ideal platform for an alternative development model to counter China’s predatory practices, particularly in crucial sectors like infrastructure, healthcare, and IT.

Fortifying Regional Security and Projecting Force:
India’s and France’s robust defence relations position them well to fortify regional security and project force when necessary. As the Indo-Pacific continues to evolve geopolitically, dealing with China’s hegemony demands a nuanced approach. Together, they can champion a non-big-power platform that offers strategic solutions to regional challenges while preserving the sovereignty and autonomy of smaller nations.

Uniting Strengths & Development Model

Emmanuel Macron’s five-day visit to the Pacific island nations has not only underscored France’s ambitions in the Indo-Pacific but has also opened up a myriad of opportunities for collaboration with India. Through their joint efforts, they can provide the Pacific islands with an alternative development model, countering China’s predatory practices and fostering infrastructure, healthcare, and IT advancements. Moreover, their partnership holds the potential to bolster regional security and present a sophisticated approach to tackle China’s hegemonic practices. As the Indo-Pacific region continues to evolve, the Indo-Pacific collaboration between them emerges as a crucial force in shaping its future.

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