TCS Prioritizes H-1B Visa Holders Over Americans

TCS Accused of Prioritization in Hiring in US

TCS Prioritizes: American tech workers have accused TCS (Tata Consultancy Services) of abrupt terminations and replacing their roles with H-1B visa holders from India, as per a Wall Street Journal report.

Allegations of illegal discrimination based on race and age have surfaced, with claims that TCS favoured lower-paid Indian immigrants over American employees.

TCS Prioritizes H-1B..

Since December, 22 workers have lodged complaints with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) against TCS, citing preferential treatment for H-1B visa holders.

The EEOC, tasked with enforcing anti-discrimination laws, is investigating these claims. TCS has refuted the allegations, asserting its commitment to equal employment opportunities and integrity.

However, concerns persist regarding the alleged exploitation of H-1B visas to bypass local hiring. Despite these accusations, data suggests an increase in US hiring by IT firms amid visa constraints.

In a previous legal battle in 2018, TCS was acquitted of bias accusations toward Indian employees in California.

The Wall Street Journal underscores the contention that TCS’s layoffs disproportionately affect senior workers, allegedly violating anti-discrimination laws.

Critics argue that TCS’s actions indicate a bias toward Indian workers with H-1B visas over American professionals.

This controversy sheds light on broader issues within the tech industry regarding workforce diversity, visa policies, and employment practices, sparking debate over fair treatment and opportunities for both local and immigrant workers in the US tech sector.

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