Indian Authorities Apprehend Illegal Migrants

Illegal Migrants Caught in India

Indian Authorities: The Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS) of the Uttar Pradesh Police has apprehended four individuals identified as Rohingyas, including three women, all hailing from Myanmar, for illegally entering India, as reported by the police.

The detained individuals were named Amir Hamza (21), Meena Jahan (19), Sakura Begaum (22), and Onara Begum (19).

Indian Authorities Apprehend..

These Rohingyas were discovered aboard a train en route to New Delhi from Assam. Upon the train’s entry into Uttar Pradesh on March 27, they were intercepted and subsequently escorted to the ATS headquarters in Lucknow, where they were placed under arrest, according to a statement released by the ATS.

The accused confessed to being Myanmar natives who unlawfully entered India with the intention of settling here. Furthermore, counterfeit Indian documents were seized from them, the statement added.

The ATS has charged the four Rohingyas under IPC sections 420, 467, 468, and 471, encompassing offenses related to cheating, forgery of documents, and the use of forged documents, reflecting their involvement in illegal activities.

This incident underscores ongoing concerns surrounding illegal immigration and the use of forged documents to gain entry into India.

The ATS’s swift action serves as a reminder of law enforcement agencies commitment to maintaining security and upholding the law, particularly in border regions susceptible to illegal migration and related activities.

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