Swiss political divide : Employer Demand Surges in Switzerland

Switzerland Demands for More Workers

Swiss political divide : Switzerland’s largest political party has made a decisive call, asserting that the country can comfortably accommodate a population of 10 million. This assertion comes at a time when businesses are grappling with the challenge of filling their job openings.

The debate surrounding immigration and population growth is emerging as a central theme in the upcoming elections next month. However, the situation is sharply contrasting with the primary proposal of the Swiss People’s Party, which currently commands more than a quarter of the lower house seats.

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Their flagship proposition aims to introduce a constitutional amendment that would prevent the resident population from exceeding 10 million by 2050, a significant increase from today’s 8.9 million.

Additionally, a recent survey conducted by the KOF economic research centre reveals a notable shift in the employment landscape, with around 40% of businesses reporting difficulties in recruiting new staff. This is a significant departure from the longstanding average of less than 10%.

The government’s achievement in attracting multinational corporations like Google, a subsidiary of Alphabet Inc., has played a significant role in driving up housing prices in Zurich to surpass those in cities like London and Paris. The left-leaning Social Democratic Party is advocating for a reduction in subsidies provided to international firms.

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