Sweden Considers Tougher Rules for Residency Permits

Permanent Residency in Sweden becomes difficult

Sweden is considering implementing stricter measures within its permanent residency system, which would require applicants to undergo language tests and demonstrate their understanding of Swedish society. The proposal, as outlined in a report by Court of Appeals Councillor Fredrik Fries, suggests introducing these tests by 2027 for individuals aged 18 and above who are seeking permanent residency.

Minister for Migration Maria Malmer Stenergard emphasized the importance of applicants having a strong command of the Swedish language and being acquainted with the fundamental aspects of Swedish society. Stenergard highlighted the significance of understanding both the obligations and rights that come with living and working in the country.

The objective behind the proposed language tests and knowledge assessments is to encourage integration and foster inclusivity in Swedish society, enabling individuals to actively engage and participate. However, quota refugees and individuals with physical or mental impairments will be exempt from these tests, as per a report by SVT.

Those who are unable to pass the tests initially will have the opportunity to retake them. Sweden, being one of the few countries without such a requirement, aims to align its legislation with that of other nations, as highlighted by Fredrik Fries.

In 2022, the Swedish Migration Agency granted permanent residency to 6,990 foreign citizens, indicating the significance of this policy change in shaping future migration outcomes.

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