Marvel’s Shang-Chi Star Simu Liu Expresses Fascination for Bollywood and Dreams of Dancing in a Bollywood Film!

Marvel's Shang-Chi Star Embraces the Magic of Bollywood: Simu Liu's Bollywood Dreams Take Center Stage Amid Barbie's Anticipation.

Simu Liu, the outstanding star from Marvel’s hit film “Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings,” has recently acknowledged his strong passion with Indian cinema, particularly Bollywood. In an exclusive conversation with Pinkvilla, ahead of the much-anticipated debut of his next movie, “Barbie,” Liu talked up about his adoration for SS Rajamouli’s Oscar-winning film “RRR” and drew intriguing parallels between the enchanted world of Bollywood and his upcoming effort, Barbie.

“RRR this year was so great. It was simply fantastic. And, it blew me away,” Simu Liu remarked in an interview with Pinkvilla, his eyes sparkling with enthusiasm as he remembered about the cinematic experience that made a lasting impression on him. “There’s, you know, simply the attention on musicality. There’s such music, songs like singing and dancing, like, you know, the actors are acting and they’re singing and there have to be such triple threats and yeah, I feel like, um, you know, I feel like it’s such a natural thing for an actor to look at Bollywood and to want to contribute.”

The famed actor, who is slated to portray one of the versions of Ken in the upcoming movie “Barbie,” with Hollywood heartthrobs Ryan Gosling, John Cena, and Scott Evans, voiced his desire in working in a Bollywood film and fulfilling a goal of dancing to a song in one. “I would want to work in a Bollywood film. I would want to dance to a song in a Bollywood film. I believe it would be so much fun,” he replied with an infectious smile.

For those unfamiliar, Bollywood is the name used to characterize India’s booming Hindi-language film industry, noted for its colorful storytelling, spectacular musical sequences, and engaging dance performances. It has earned a tremendous global popularity over the years, with its films expressing the essence of life, love, and emotions through stunning images and foot-tapping tunes.

With Barbie, a movie that brings to life the legendary Mattel doll and her fictional world, Simu Liu believes there are remarkable similarities between the two cinematic realms. Both Bollywood and Barbie embrace the power of music, dancing, and the multiple talents of actors, often demanding them to be excellent performers in many parts.

Simu Liu’s affinity for Indian cinema and his desire to be part of a Bollywood spectacular adds a special depth to his upcoming role in Barbie. As fans eagerly anticipate the release of the film, the prospect of witnessing Liu dazzle the screen in a stunning Bollywood-style dance sequence sparks a sense of excitement and expectation among cinema buffs globe.

In Barbie, Ryan Gosling is scheduled to represent the primary version of Ken, while the brilliant Margot Robbie will take on the eponymous role of the beloved doll. With such a superb ensemble, the movie promises to be a pleasant excursion into the realms of imagination and nostalgia, celebrating uniqueness, friendship, and the power of dreams.

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