Saskatchewan : In Canada Accepting Immigrants on their Nationality

Saskatchewan : Nationality the main Criteria for Immigrant selection in Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan : A province in Canada, has adopted a novel approach to selecting skilled immigrants, considering their country of residence. This shift has sparked discussions about a potential shift away from Canada’s historically inclusive immigration system, which has embraced individuals of all racial and national backgrounds.

Saskatchewan & Immigrant Nominee Program

In August, the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program conducted six draws with the goal of inviting over 500 skilled immigrants from diverse professional fields to establish themselves as permanent residents in the province.

Officials maintain that these draws aim to attract immigrants more likely to thrive and stay in Saskatchewan. However, experts worry it might signal a revival of Canada’s prior ethnocentric immigration selection methods.

The choice of countries was influenced by labour pool attributes, language skills, past successful recruitment, retention records, and job prospects within Saskatchewan. Compatibility of credentials with the province’s job market was also a key factor in the selection process.

The federal government allots provincial nomination quotas. Typically, provincial immigration authorities invite applicants from an existing pool who meet the necessary point requirements.

However, in this trial, draws were initiated before the talent pool was established, and recruitment efforts are planned in Europe and India to identify potential candidates.

Saskatchewan intends to assess the pilot project’s success upon its conclusion in December. Successful recruits will receive work permits while their permanent residence applications are processed, aiming to create mutually beneficial outcomes for newcomers and the province.

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