Rahul Gandhi : Opportunities To Connect With EU MPs, students, and NRIs during Europe tour

Rahul Gandhi to Engage with EU Parliamentarians, and Students

Rahul Gandhi : In a significant diplomatic stride, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has embarked on a nearly week-long visit to Europe, where he is set to engage in extensive interactions with EU parliamentarians, students, and the Indian diaspora. The visit commenced on Tuesday and promises to foster international connections, shed light on important issues, and strengthen ties between India and Europe.

Gandhi’s itinerary includes a series of high-profile events, beginning with his meeting and consultations with EU Members of Parliament scheduled for September 7 in Brussels. This marks the first of his interactions during this visit, where he will engage in discussions concerning global challenges and potential collaborations.

Later in the day, a dinner with non-resident Indians will provide an opportunity to connect with the vibrant Indian diaspora in Europe, reinforcing cultural and societal bonds.

On September 8, the former Congress chief will engage in a breakfast meeting with Indian industrialists, emphasizing economic cooperation between India and the European Union. Subsequently, he will address a press conference in Brussels at 1:30 pm, sharing insights and updates on his European journey.

Following his Brussels engagements, Rahul Gandhi will depart for Paris, where he is scheduled to hold another press conference on September 8, further expanding on the discussions and issues raised during his visit.

Rahul Gandhi & Interactions

The itinerary takes an educational turn on September 9 when Rahul Gandhi will meet with French parliamentarians in Paris, emphasizing political cooperation and diplomacy. Rahul Gandhi will also interact with students at Sciences Po University, providing an inspirational platform for the youth to engage with a prominent political figure.

Continuing his European journey, Rahul Gandhi will travel to the Netherlands on September 10. There, he will visit the prestigious 400-year-old Leiden University, engaging with students and promoting educational ties.

September 11 will see the Congress leader in Norway, where Rahul Gandhi will meet the country’s parliamentarians in Oslo, discussing shared concerns and exploring potential collaborations. Additionally, he will connect with non-resident Indians and attend a meeting at the University of Oslo, reinforcing India’s global presence.

Organized by the Indian Overseas Congress, these events highlight the importance of engaging with the Indian diaspora and strengthening India’s ties with the European Union and its member states.

Rahul Gandhi’s Europe visit will culminate with his return on the night of September 12, following the conclusion of the G20 Leaders Summit. The summit, held from September 9 to 10 in Delhi, serves as a platform for India, as the current president of the G20, to host more than 30 heads of state, top EU officials, invited guest countries, and 14 heads of international organizations. It is expected to address critical global issues and foster international cooperation.

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