Permanent Residence in Canada via Express Entry: Eligible Occupations

Unlocking Canadian Permanent Residence with Express Entry and the Eligible Occupations List

Canada is about to make history once again as it introduces its first-ever category-based Express Entry (EE) lottery exclusively targeting professionals in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) fields. This revolutionary project intends to recruit competent people with work experience in specified STEM fields, opening the doors to permanent residency in the Great White North. The EE draw is slated to take place on July 5, 2023, and provides a unique avenue for STEM professionals to establish their career in Canada.

To be eligible for this remarkable opportunity, candidates must hold a current Express Entry Profile and a minimum of six months of experience in one or more of the selected STEM occupations within the past three years. The list of qualified vocations spans a broad variety of sectors, showing Canada’s dedication to supporting innovation and technological growth.

The 24 acceptable vocations under the EE STEM category include:

Architecture and research managers
Business systems experts
Civil engineering experts
Computer and data systems executives
Computer engineers (excluding developers and designers)
Computer systems builders and programmers
Cybersecurity experts
Scientists of data
Database analysts & data administrators
Electrical & electronics engineers
Engineering managers
Industrial & production engineers
IT specialists
Land agents
Landscape architect firms
The mathematical community, statisticians & actuaries
Metallurgical and materials technicians
Natural & applied science policy researchers, consultants & program officials
Software builders & coders
Developers & designers
Urban & land management planners
Web architects
Web developers & programmers

Notably, the specified professions do not have to be the principal National Occupational Classification (NOC) for candidates. This flexible approach respects the multifaceted character of STEM occupations and gives opportunity for experts from varied backgrounds to use their skills in Canada.

The introduction of the category-based EE draw is part of Canada’s continuous efforts to recruit top-tier talent from across the globe, enhance its knowledge-based economy, and preserve its position as a worldwide leader in innovation. By recruiting STEM experts, the government wants to solve crucial talent shortages and establish a climate favourable to technical progress and research discoveries.

Applicants interested in participating in the EE draw must show documentation of their work experience for each profession they claim points for. This condition supports the authenticity and openness of the selection process, enabling worthy applicants to earn their spot in the competitive draw.

The rapid entry system, established by IRCC, remains the principal avenue for qualified foreign workers to seek citizenship in Canada. It is a points-based scheme that analyses characteristics like age, schooling, language competency, job experience, and flexibility. The inclusion of the category-based EE pull for STEM vocations substantially strengthens the options available to outstanding people desiring to make Canada their second home.

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