Operation Ajay : Air India’s Rescue Mission from Israel

Operation Ajay Live Rescue Mission Israel

According to sources, Air India is set to conduct a total of seven flights to Tel Aviv with the objective of evacuating Indian citizens from Israel. This initiative, known as Operation Ajay, is aimed at facilitating the return of Indian nationals from the conflict-stricken region.

In addition to the flight already in operation today, Air India will arrange six more evacuation flights to Tel Aviv. The plan is to maintain a daily flight schedule until October 18, as confirmed by an insider.

Operation Ajay From Air India

Insiders have mentioned that the airline intends to deploy extra crew members for the flight, a measure taken to eliminate the need for its employees to stay overnight.

Among the individuals in need of evacuation, there are approximately 900 Indian students currently enrolled in a variety of Israeli universities and institutions.

Furthermore, a considerable contingent of individuals, including traders, IT experts, as well as domestic workers and caregivers, are engaged in various occupations in Israel. Notably, a substantial segment of Israel’s population comprises Indian-origin Jews with ancestral ties to Kochi, Kolkata, and Mumbai.

Although Tel Aviv’s Ben Gurion Airport continues to function, several prominent airlines have still not resumed their flight services to and from Israel’s primary airport. The ongoing concern for security persists following the recent fatal attack carried out by Hamas this past Saturday.

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