NRI : Interest Boosts Indian Real Estate Demand

NRI : Demand for Indian Real Estate Increases

NRI : Gated communities have become highly popular not just but also affluent Indian residents. Chennai, Hyderabad, and Mumbai are witnessing significant NRI demand for real estate.

Also displaying a considerable interest in senior living real estate projects. These non-resident Indians, commonly referred to as NRIs, appear to be experiencing a resurgence in their connection to India.

NRI & NoBroker

However, instead of returning to their homeland, they are actively investing in properties within the country. Co-founder and CBO at NoBroker, highlighted in an interview with Business Insider that they have observed a remarkable 35% year-on-year growth in investments in the Indian residential real estate market.

This growing trend is particularly evident in their preference for gated communities, which offer a wide range of amenities. Gated communities have become highly popular, not only among NRIs but also among affluent Indian residents.

Just a month ago, a construction company in Hyderabad unveiled a gated community project worth Rs 3 Thousand crore, claiming it to be the largest in the city, which has experienced a steady increase in rental rates over the past few years.

The growing investment in the Indian real estate market can be attributed to the convenience of investing, facilitated by technological advancements, especially as transactions have become predominantly online.

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