Modi Not Welcome: U.S. NRI Muslims Rally Against Indian PM’s Visit

U.S. Protests Erupt at UN as Modi's Visit Sparks Outrage Over Human Rights Crisis

Washington, D.C. – Protests erupted today outside the United Nations as U.S. human rights activists and civil society organizations voiced their opposition to Indian PM Modi’s state visit to Washington. The demonstrations were aimed at shedding light on India’s deteriorating human rights record and raising concerns about Modi’s alleged authoritarian tendencies.

Under the hashtag #ModiNotWelcome, thousands of protesters from various ethnic, religious, and human rights groups gathered to demand accountability for the reported violations in India. Chants of “Protect Human Rights!” and “End Authoritarianism!” echoed through the streets as activists held up placards displaying disturbing statistics and compelling visuals.

Coalition-organized, the protests sought to draw attention to a range of issues, including the suppression of dissent, religious discrimination, and allegations of police brutality. Advocates highlighted the plight of minority communities, journalists, and activists facing persecution in India, urging the international community to take a stand.

The timing of Modi’s visit and the subsequent protests underscores the growing concern among civil society groups about the state of human rights in India. As the world’s largest democracy, India’s actions and policies hold significant weight on the global stage. Critics argue that recent measures and laws enacted by the Modi government have eroded democratic values and stifled freedom of speech.

International human rights organizations have also expressed apprehension regarding the situation in India. Several prominent human rights organizations have demanded an independent investigation.


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