‘Modi Ji’ Thali Stirs Up Debate Amidst Indian Diaspora in USA

New Jersey's 'Modi Ji' Thali: Delicious Fare or Political Statement?

New Jersey, USA – In a move that has stirred both joy and controversy, a prominent restaurant in New Jersey has announced the production of a special “Modi Ji” Thali, dedicated to Indian PM Modi on the occasion of his much awaited state visit to the United States. While this unique culinary offering has sparked enthusiasm within the Indian diaspora, it has also revived controversies around illegal immigration and the Indian community’s position in the state.

Restaurant owner Shripad Kulkarni presented the specifics of the big “Modi Ji” Thali, meant to highlight the delicacies of India in celebration of PM Modi’s visit. The enormous platter showcases a wonderful selection of regional specialities, including aromatic biryanis, creamy curries, and a vast choice of traditional sweets.

However, amidst the frenzy around the Thali, some netizens have moved to social media to question the patriotism of Indian immigrants who, despite their stated respect for PM Modi, desire to enter the United States illegally. Recent figures suggest that Indians comprise a large share, around 12%, of the undocumented immigrant population in New Jersey alone.

While the issue rages on, the “Modi Ji” Thali continues to garner attention from guests wanting to sample a culinary homage to the revered Indian leader. The restaurant owner, Kulkarni, is adamant in his support for PM Modi and argues that the Thali is an expression of appreciation rather than a political statement.

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