Meitei Christians in Delhi Protest Against Manipur Violence, Demanding Action on Illegal Immigration and Border Security

Meitei Christians unite in Delhi to demand urgent action on illegal immigration

Meitei Christians, a prominent community hailing from the northeastern state of Manipur, gathered in Delhi today to stage a powerful protest against the escalating violence in their homeland. The demonstration, organized by the Meitei Christian Association, aimed to draw attention to the pressing issues faced by the community and urge the government to take immediate action.

At the heart of their protest, the Meitei Christians voiced their concerns regarding the inflow of illegal immigrants into Manipur. They emphasized the need for stringent measures to prevent unauthorized entry, which has not only led to demographic changes but has also posed security risks. Chants of “Stop Illegal Immigration!” echoed through the streets, as the community rallied for safeguards to preserve their cultural identity and ensure the well-being of their fellow Manipuris.

In addition to the issue of illegal immigration, the Meitei Christians also expressed their opposition to the idea of a separate administration for certain ethnic groups in Manipur. They firmly believe in the strength of unity and integration and advocate for a cohesive administration that embraces diversity while treating all citizens equally. Holding placards stating “One Manipur, One Administration!” they urged authorities to foster a sense of unity and equality among all communities.

Narco-terrorism has been a growing concern in Manipur, and the Meitei Christians made it a priority in their protest. They called for swift action against drug trafficking networks that have plagued the region, leading to devastating consequences for families and communities. Their demand to “Stop Narco-Terrorism!” serves as a reminder of the urgent need for robust measures to curb this menace and protect the future of Manipur’s youth.

The protest also shed light on the issue of protecting Statehood Agreement signatories, known as SoO (Suspension of Operations) militants. The Meitei Christians emphasized the need to review and reevaluate the benefits and privileges extended to these groups, considering their alleged involvement in illegal activities. “No Protection for SoO Militants!” was a resounding message shared by the protestors, underlining the significance of impartial justice and accountability.

The Meitei Christians’ concerns extended beyond the borders of Manipur, focusing on the safeguarding of the India-Myanmar border and the prevention of infiltration. They highlighted the vulnerability of the border region and called for increased security measures to ensure the sovereignty and integrity of the nation. Through their protest, they sought to emphasize the urgency of addressing this critical aspect of national security.

The demonstration by the Meitei Christians in Delhi was a powerful and unifying expression of their demands, reflecting their determination to protect their culture, promote unity, and ensure the safety of their homeland. As the echoes of their chants faded away, the urgency for action remained, as the issues raised by the community require immediate attention from the concerned authorities.

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