Telephone Bills : In Kuwait, Latest Update on Work Permits And Related Regulations

Kuwait Mandates Expatriates to Settle Outstanding Telephone Bills

Telephone Bills : In a significant development, the Ministry of Interior in Kuwait has introduced a pivotal instruction affecting expatriates leaving the country. As of Wednesday, September 6th, it has become mandatory for departing expatriates to settle any outstanding telephone bills before repatriation. This directive aims to streamline financial obligations and ensure that individuals departing Kuwait do so without any pending dues.

The Ministry of Communication has set up a special system to facilitate the payment of outstanding telephone bills, offering expatriates a convenient way to clear their debts. Payments can be made through the official website or the Sahel app, providing expatriates with various options to comply with this new requirement.

This move follows previous mandates imposed by the Kuwaiti government, which made it obligatory for departing expatriates to pay outstanding traffic fines and electricity bills. These measures are part of the government’s efforts to ensure that expatriates fulfill their financial responsibilities before leaving the country.

Telephone bills Failures

Expatriates are advised to check their outstanding telephone bills and make timely payments to avoid any inconveniences during their departure process. Failure to settle these bills may result in delays or complications when attempting to exit Kuwait.

In addition to the telephone bill payment requirement, Kuwait’s government has recently introduced significant changes to the Work Permit process. The Public Authority for Manpower has announced the availability of ‘Work Permit Cancellation’ and ‘Work Permit Amendment’ services online. This transition to online services aims to streamline and expedite the process for both companies and expatriate workers.

Companies operating in Kuwait can now access these services conveniently through the Sahel app. The Ministry of Interior has confirmed that applications submitted online for work permits will be reviewed promptly, ensuring a smoother experience for businesses and expatriates alike.

These initiatives reflect Kuwait’s commitment to modernizing its administrative processes and ensuring that expatriates and businesses in the country have access to efficient and convenient services.

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