Khalistan Radicals Set Indian Consulate Ablaze in San Francisco

Quick Response by SF Fire Department Prevents Major Damage and Casualties

San Francisco, United States – In a frightening occurrence on July 2, a gang of Khalistan militants launched an assault on the Indian Consulate, burning the facility fire. Prompt response by the San Francisco Fire Department saved serious damage or danger to consular personnel. Local, state, and federal authorities have been contacted, and the US Department of State has harshly denounced this act of violence.

The event happened in the early hours of the morning, when a gang of radicals attacked the Indian Consulate situated in downtown San Francisco. Witnesses reported witnessing flames and dense smoke rising from the consulate building, sparking alarm among local homes and businesses. However, the fast reaction of the San Francisco Fire Department meant that the fire was immediately doused, saving a possible calamity.

Officials have reported that no serious damages were caused to the consulate building, and none of the devoted staff members were hurt during the incident. Immediate efforts were made to secure the facilities and guarantee the safety of everyone concerned.

Authorities are currently investigating the event and have not revealed precise information about the identities of the perpetrators or their objectives. However, it is thought that this bold conduct may be related to the current Khalistan separatist movement demanding an independent Sikh state in the Indian state of Punjab.

The US Department of State has voiced strong criticism of the incident, underlining the significance of diplomatic posts and their essential role in fostering international relations. They have offered their full cooperation to Indian authorities in their attempts to bring the criminals to justice.

The Indian Consulate in San Francisco has been temporarily shuttered for security concerns, and extra security measures have been put in place to secure diplomatic buildings in the city.

This tragedy serves as a sobering reminder of the issues faced by governments in defending their diplomatic posts overseas. It also underlines the need of international collaboration in confronting such acts of violence.

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