Japan Launches e-Visas for Indians

Japan Introduces e-Visa for Indian Tourists

Japan Launches : Japan has initiated the issuance of e-Visas for Indian travellers, eliminating the need for physical visa stickers in passports. As of April 1, tourists from India can avail themselves of this new electronic visa system.

Administered through Japan Visa Application Centres operated by VFS Global, the program caters specifically to tourism purposes, offering a single-entry short-term visa allowing stays of up to 90 days in Japan.

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Both Indian citizens and foreign nationals residing in India qualify for the e-Visa. The application process remains similar to the previous method, requiring submission at Visa Application Centres managed by VFS Global.

However, instead of receiving a traditional visa sticker, successful applicants will obtain an electronic visa. Upon arrival at Japanese airports, travellers must present a visa issuance notice on their mobile devices.

Access to the internet is essential for this step, and only a digital visa issuance notice will be accepted in other formats like PDFs, photos, or printed copies are invalid.

This much-anticipated e-Visa system streamlines the visa application process, offering greater convenience for Indian tourists planning trips to Japan.

It marks a significant shift towards digitalization in visa services, reflecting Japan’s commitment to enhancing tourism and facilitating smoother entry procedures for visitors from India.

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