Australia Sees Peak in Foreign Student Enrolments

International Students Growth in Australia

Australia Sees: Australia has reached a historic pinnacle in its international student population, exceeding 700K for the first time in its history. This surge has bolstered temporary entrants to a record-high of 2.8M individuals.

As per data from the home affairs department, Australia housed 713K international students by February 29.

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese acknowledged the pandemic’s impact on border closures, which led to a heightened influx of students and temporary migrants.

Australia Sees…

Albanese stressed population management, outlining plans to lower numbers through a migration strategy, echoed by Rizvi, emphasizing the need for adjustments due to discrepancies between projected and actual population figures.

In response, the Albanese government initiated measures from the migration review, including easing English language requirements for student visas and introducing a genuine student test.

Despite the surge in international students, government data reveals a spike in visa rejections, with over 50K applications denied in the past three months, coinciding with a decline in approval rates in visa applications for the first time in over two years.

Experts caution against abrupt measures to curb student numbers, citing potential adverse effects on the education sector and broader economy.

International education serves as a significant export sector, valued at about $50 billion in 2023.

Prospective international students are shifting preferences towards smaller countries like the US, New Zealand, and Germany, moving away from major destinations due to more restrictive policies implemented to manage growth.

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