India Ranks Second for Rail Europe User in 2023

India the Second Most User of Rail Europe

India Ranks: In 2023, despite visa appointment delays, Indians travelled in significant numbers to popular European destinations.

According to Björn Bender, Rail Europe’s president and CEO, India emerged as Rail Europe’s second-largest market, marking a historic milestone in its 90-year history, with the US retaining the top position.

India Ranks Second

Rail Europe reported selling approximately 5M train tickets worldwide for European destinations last year, with around half a million sold in India. This contributed to a 60% revenue growth globally.

India, traditionally one of Rail Europe’s top markets, has now risen to the second spot, while other markets like China and Japan have been slower to recover.

Both the business-to-consumer (B2C) and business-to-business (B2B) channels are experiencing simultaneous growth in India. Bender forecasts a CAGR of at least 20% for India over the next few years.

He emphasizes the vast size of the European rail industry, estimated at 70B euros annually, with approximately a billion euros worth of tickets sold outside Europe, a figure on the rise.

Rail Europe aims to maintain and expand its market share in non-European markets, including India. Bender acknowledges efforts by countries like Switzerland to alleviate visa challenges for Indian travellers, contributing to the increased influx.

With focused investments and strategic partnerships, Rail Europe aims to further enhance its presence and facilitate seamless travel experiences for Indian tourists exploring Europe’s diverse destinations.

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