Union Government Urged for NRI Protection Bill

Union Government asked for NRI Protection Bill

Union Government: NRIs and OCIs from around 30 countries are advocating for an NRI Protection Bill or a centralized NRI agency within the Union government. This push comes in response to alleged organized crime targeting NRIs, including land encroachment, cheating, forgery, and illegal transactions.

Claiming that deception from builders, acquaintances, and bank officials has put around 800cr. to 1,200cr. at stake for 900 NRIs, including professionals from Canada, The U.S., Europe, and other countries, they emphasize the urgency of government intervention.

Union Government Urged

Subhas Balappanavar, convener of the NRI Grievances’ Group, highlights the vulnerability of NRIs to schemes resembling Ponzi schemes by certain builders and developers.

According to their data analysis, one in every three NRIs faces victimization in India. This mark is very high and requires government’s attention towards the matter.

To address this, they advocate for the NRI Protection Bill, emphasizing key features such as legal protection for property disputes, establishment of an NRI investigation agency, issuance of non-bailable warrants.

Having already communicated their concerns to the Prime Minister’s Office via email, NRIs plan to submit a memorandum to Indian consulates worldwide. Their objective is to garner support for the proposed Bill and push for concrete measures to safeguard the interests of NRIs and OCIs investing in India.

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