India-Australia Partnership Unveils Work Visa Boost and Enhanced Business Visas

Last week, India and Australia signed a migration and mobility partnership agreement, aiming to create new opportunities for students, academic researchers, and business professionals. As per the pact, Indian graduates from Australian universities holding a student visa can now apply for work and pursue professional development for up to eight years without requiring visa sponsorship.

Additionally, a pilot program called MATES (Mobility Arrangement for Talented Early-professionals Scheme) will be launched, providing an annual quota of 3,000 spots over a four-year period. MATES will serve as a pathway for Indian graduates and early career professionals with expertise in specific fields to live and work in Australia for up to two years.

Initially, the eligible qualifications for MATES include areas such as renewable energy, mining, engineering, ICT, artificial intelligence, FinTech, and AgriTech.

In April, Australia proposed streamlining its immigration system to facilitate the entry of highly skilled workers and simplify the path to permanent residency.

The Australian Labor government has announced plans to modify the existing points-based system used for selecting skilled migrants. The aim is to ensure that individuals with the specific skill sets required by the Australian economy in the future are accurately identified and prioritized. The proposed modifications are intended to align the migration system with the evolving needs of the country’s workforce.

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