US University Cancels Main Graduation Event

Columbia University Cancel Graduation Event

US University: Columbia University, a prestigious Ivy League institution, has cancelled its main graduation ceremony scheduled for May 15 due to ongoing protests related to the Gaza conflict.

Instead, the university will focus on class Days and school-level ceremonies, where students will be individually honored among their peers.

US University Cancels

The university released a statement explaining that the shift away from the University-wide ceremony was made to ensure a safer and more focused celebration for graduates.

The protests at Columbia, which have drawn significant global attention, have inspired similar demonstrations at universities across the United States.

Students are advocating for a ceasefire in Gaza and pressing their institutions to divest from companies with ties to Israel.

In response to the protests and resulting disruptions, Columbia University announced that it had worked with student leaders to decide the best way to proceed with graduation events.

Originally planned for the Morningside Heights campus, where many of the protests have taken place, the majority of the ceremonies will now be held at the university’s main athletic complex.

This decision aims to accommodate the graduates while minimizing the impact of the ongoing demonstrations.

Columbia’s decision reflects a broader trend of universities grappling with how to address student activism and global issues during significant campus events.

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