House worker Steals Rs 14.55L from NRI

House Workers Thefts NRI

House worker: An unsettling incident unfolded as a house maid, entrusted by an NRI couple from the US, absconded with gold jewellery and cash amounting to Rs14.55 lakh.

The nefarious act was captured on camera on March 16, revealing the house worker, identified as Manoj Damor from Dungarpur, Rajasthan, ransacking the premises.

House worker …..

Lata Patel and her husband Jagdish, both US citizens, had returned to their residence on January 11. Their decision to hire Damor as a housekeeper on February 24 soon turned sour.

On a fateful Saturday, Patel’s sister and Damor were alone at home when she left for the gym. Upon her return, she discovered Damor missing, with his phone switched off, alongside 12 tolas of gold jewellery and Rs11.75 lakh in cash.

Anandnagar police inspector DK Bharai confirmed the theft, indicating Damor’s involvement through CCTV footage capturing his departure post-theft.

The incident underscores the vulnerability faced by NRI homeowners, trusting in domestic help for household chores. The sudden betrayal by Damor has not only left the Patel family in shock but also raised concerns regarding security measures for NRI properties.

Efforts are underway to apprehend Damor and recover the stolen assets, while the incident serves as a stark reminder for NRI households to exercise caution when hiring domestic staff. As investigations proceed, the Patel family seeks justice and a sense of security restored to their household.

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