EU Eases Migrant Work Rules

Europe Migrant Workers Rule Update

EU Eases Migrant: The European Union is poised to simplify procedures for foreign workers to obtain both work and residency permits, aiming to facilitate legal migration and address labour shortages within the bloc.

According to SchengenVisaInfo, the European Union Parliament has endorsed the initiative to streamline regulations for acquiring a Single Permit, which would allow individuals to work and reside within the EU. However, final approval from the Council is necessary for implementation.

EU Eases Migrant …

The proposed updates aim to enhance the efficiency and flexibility of the Single Permit system. Member States would be required to process Single Permit applications within 90 days, significantly reducing the current waiting period from four months.

Moreover, third-country nationals with existing residence permits can now apply for a Single Permit within the EU, eliminating the need to return to their home countries for application procedures.

Under the new regulations, holders of a Single Permit can freely change employers, occupations, and work sectors through a simplified notification process. However, some Member States may impose a six-month restriction on employer changes, with exceptions for cases involving contract violations.

These reforms mark a significant step toward facilitating legal migration and addressing labour market needs within the EU. As the initiative progresses, it holds promise for streamlining processes and promoting greater integration of third-country nationals into the European workforce.

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