NRI Affairs Minister Campaigns for Elections

Kuldeep Singh Dhaliwal Active for Elections in India

NRI Affairs: Aam Aadmi Party’s Kuldeep Singh Dhaliwal, nominee for Amritsar’s Lok Sabha seat, commenced his campaign with reverence at the Golden Temple, Bhagwan Valmiki, and Durgiana temples. Dhaliwal exuded confidence, asserting AAP’s sweeping victory across Punjab’s 13 Lok Sabha constituencies.

NRI Affairs Minister…

Addressing the media, Dhaliwal pledged to champion the concerns of traders, industrialists, youth, and various societal segments. Emphasizing his commitment to farmers’ welfare, he vowed to amplify their voices in Parliament. Furthermore, he outlined plans to elevate the infrastructure of Amritsar to international standards if elected.

Brushing aside opposition accusations, Dhaliwal highlighted his track record of public service over the past two years. He believes his actions speak louder than words and are the true measure of leadership.

Dhaliwal’s focus on grassroots initiatives and community development aims to secure voter confidence in the upcoming LS elections. As Dhaliwal embarks on his campaign trail, his vision for Amritsar’s prosperity resonates with constituents.

His alignment with AAP’s platform of inclusive governance and grassroots empowerment signals a promising electoral bid.

With fervent dedication and a clear agenda, Dhaliwal aims to garner widespread support and lead Amritsar towards a brighter future. This shows and emphasizes on the work he has done being NRI Affairs Minister and people’s support towards him.

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