Harvard Sees Decrease in Applications

Harvard Witnesses Applications Decline

Harvard Sees: Applications to Harvard CollegeHarvard College experienced a 5% decline compared to the previous year, marking a notable setback for the institution following a period of internal turmoil.

The resignation of its president and a significant legal defeat added to the challenges faced by the renowned university.

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Harvard reported receiving 54K applications for the freshman class of the upcoming fall semester, marking the second consecutive year of application decline, down from 61K just two years ago during the pandemic-induced surge.

A significant drop of 17% in applications for non-binding early admissions was reported in December, raising concerns about Harvard’s reputation, particularly in light of allegations of antisemitism on campus.

The school also had to grapple with the aftermath of a Supreme Court ruling that disallowed race as a factor in admissions decisions.

Regular applications for the fall 2024 semester closed on January 1st, followed by the resignation of Harvard President Claudine Gay the next day amidst accusations of plagiarism and criticism of her testimony regarding antisemitism at a congressional hearing.

In response to the Supreme Court ruling, Harvard announced it would not consider self-reported race and ethnicity information until after the admissions process concludes.

However, the university provided other insights into the incoming class of 2028, set to commence their studies in Cambridge, Massachusetts, in the fall semester.

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