Ontario Shifts Study Permits to Public Institutions

Ontario in Canada Emphasize on Public Universities

Ontario Shifts: Ontario’s Government has revealed its strategy for international study permit allocation, prioritizing public universities and colleges. This move aims to address labour market needs, specially emphasizing on skilled trades, STEM fields, hospitality, healthcare, and childcare programs.

To cater to demand for French-language skills, Ontario will also give priority to French-language enrolment. However, career colleges, typically private, will not receive international student study permit applications under this plan.

Ontario Shifts Study…

This decision follows a cap set by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) on study permits for international undergraduate students across Canada for 2024 and 2025.

Ontario’s approach differs from other provinces, placing a strong focus on public institutions.

The distribution strategy highlights Ontario’s dedication to utilizing global education to address workforce requirements and bolster the province’s economy.

While specific quotas for study permit applications to Ontario are yet to be disclosed, it is expected that the province will receive the largest allocation among all provinces and territories in Canada, considering its population size.

This initiative highlights Ontario’s proactive stance in leveraging international education as a strategic tool for economic development.

By prioritizing postsecondary programs aligned with labour market needs, the province aims to fill critical skill gaps and foster innovation across key sectors.

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