France Introduces New Immigration Bill

France Launches Latest Immigration Bill

France Introduces : French lawmakers have given final approval to a controversial immigration bill, tightening regulations for foreign students and workers entering the country. This move reflects a broader European trend of shifting towards right-wing policies in response to the influence of far-right politics.

France Introduces New Updates on Immigration

The approved legislation, a compromise between President Emmanuel Macron’s party and the conservative opposition, introduces stricter eligibility criteria for state subsidies such as housing aid and family allowances.

The new law mandates that immigrants qualify for state support only after an extended period of residence in France, ranging from several months to years. It also introduces obstacles for immigrants bringing family members and imposes new visa fees for foreign students.

Initially designed to strike a balance by facilitating residency permits for labour-deficient sectors while expelling illegal migrants efficiently, the bill underwent changes to secure right-wing backing.

Consequently, measures related to residency permits were weakened, and access to welfare benefits, including those for children and housing allowances, was delayed by several years.

The compromise includes migration quotas, tougher conditions for immigrants’ children to obtain French citizenship, and the possibility of revoking French citizenship for dual nationals convicted of serious crimes against the police.

This legislative decision highlights the challenging task faced by Macron’s government in addressing concerns from both political extremes. While achieving a victory on immigration, the concessions made underscore the difficulty of navigating France’s diverse political landscape.

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