Australian Student Visa Time Linked to University Choice

Australian Student Visa Update

Australia’s Home Affairs Department has formalized a revised strategy for student visas, aligning with the government’s latest migration approach. The new system prioritizes visa applications based on the institution’s assigned evidence within the CRICOS registration.

This assigns faster processing times for level 1 providers, with higher-risk institutions facing potential delays as officials assess both the institution’s integrity and individual applicants.

Australian Student Visa Updates

Minister for Home Affairs, signed a directive on December 14, outlining the prioritization of international student visa applications based on the risk level of chosen institutions.

This aligns with Australia’s new migration strategy, emphasizing targeted scrutiny for high-risk institution applications to manage the surging demand systematically.

Effective from December, the directive precedes the upcoming academic year, prioritizing various student visa types, particularly for sectors like schools, institutes, postgraduate research, and foreign affairs and defence.

Applications for subsequent entrants filed outside Australia, including unmarried family members who are minors and Student Guardian visa applications, are on the top of the priority list.

Crucially, student visas are linked to the initial enrollment institution for new arrivals. Future plans include introducing a Genuine Student Test, with details expected in early 2024.

This framework underscores Australia’s commitment to maintaining the integrity of its international education sector while addressing the rising demand for student visas systematically.

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