Dubai Doubles Salary Limit for Family Sponsorship on Visitor Visas

Higher Salary Thresholds Introduced for Family Sponsorship in Dubai

Dubai, UAE – In a recent decision by the Dubai Residence and Immigration Department, the income ceiling for persons bringing family members on visitor visas under personal sponsorship has been quadrupled. This modification specifies that only people with a monthly wage of 8,000 dirhams and lodging in their own name are allowed to sponsor their family members.

However, a minimum wage of Dh10,000 is now needed for sponsoring grandkids, as illustrated by authorities who refused a recent visa application from a Malayali applicant requesting to bring his daughter and grandson. The denial was based on the applicant’s pay falling short at 8,250 dirhams.

Meanwhile, the wage barrier for sponsoring spouses and children on residence visas remains at 4,000 dirhams, with no modifications to the previous condition of a salary of 3,000 dirhams and personal accommodation. Parents wanting to sponsor their family members must have a monthly income of 10,000 dirhams and offer a two-bedroom apartment.

Special arrangements have been developed for circumstances of spousal death or divorce, enabling one parent to be brought on a resident visa with special approval. This visa, valid for one year, may be renewed for an equal length upon expiry.

Moreover, family members presently on visiting visas have the opportunity to switch to a resident visa, according to the updated restrictions in place at the time. It is required for all sponsored persons to hold health insurance, and children under 18 years of age must pass a medical checkup.

These regulation modifications are targeted at guaranteeing the financial stability and general well-being of sponsored family members, preserving their rights and living situations. By establishing higher wage limits, the Dubai Residence and Immigration Department wants to increase the quality of life for those residing in the Emirate while protecting the integrity of the immigration system.

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