Dr Mohammed bin Abdulkarim Al-Issa Extols Indian Democracy, Constitution, and Tradition

Dr Mohammed bin Abdulkarim Al-Issa Salutes Indian Democracy, Constitution, and Tradition in Delhi

Delhi, India – In a moment of genuine admiration and devotion, Dr Mohammed bin Abdulkarim Al-Issa, the Secretary General of the Muslim World League, conveyed his heartfelt salutations to Indian democracy, Constitution, and the rich cultural traditions that have fostered harmony globally. His motivating statements came during his visit to Delhi, when he engaged in meetings with notable leaders and scholars.

Dr Al-Issa’s visit to India represented an important milestone in the longtime relations between the Muslim World League and the Indian government. As an influential global organization, the Muslim World League works to promote peaceful coexistence, religious tolerance, and interfaith communication. Dr Al-Issa’s statements resonated with the spirit of unity and inclusivity that India fosters as a secular nation.

“I salute Indian democracy from the bottom of my heart,” Dr Al-Issa remarked, highlighting the crucial significance of democratic values in promoting equality, justice, and the safeguarding of fundamental rights. The strength of Indian democracy resides in its ability to accommodate the different religious, linguistic, and cultural fabric of the nation, creating a harmonious tapestry that sets an example for the world.

The Secretary General further extended his salutations to the Constitution of India, which he considered as a guiding beacon for democratic administration. “I salute the Constitution of India, which enshrines the principles of justice, liberty, and equality,” he said. The Constitution, with its comprehensive framework, has safeguarded the rights of all individuals and developed an environment of respect and understanding among different cultures.

Dr Al-Issa’s tribute also embraced the Indian philosophy and heritage, which have played a key role in fostering harmony globally. “I also salute the Indian philosophy and tradition that taught harmony to the world,” he remarked. India’s ancient wisdom and traditions have crossed borders and blessed humanity with ideals of tolerance, compassion, and peace.

During his tour, Dr Al-Issa engaged in talks with religious leaders, scholars, and government representatives, exploring methods to foster interfaith cooperation and resist extremist beliefs. His message of togetherness and peace resonated with the guests, sparking a fresh commitment to create an open society that embraces difference.

The Secretary General’s visit serves as a monument to the everlasting link between the Muslim World League and India. It fosters the shared ideals of respect, harmony, and pluralism that form the cornerstone of Indian democracy. The Indian government, alongside the public, appreciated Dr Al-Issa’s professions of admiration and committed to continue creating an environment of mutual understanding and cooperation.


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