Deportation Of Indian Students From Canada Stopped

Canadian Authority Halts Deportation

The Canadian government has stopped the deportation process for 700 Indian students who were about to leave the country because of forged documents and is now giving the students a chance to argue why they should be allowed to stay.

The Canadian government has also disclosed a mechanism for students who were actual fraud victims to remain in the nation. Recent reports indicate that foreign graduates and students who submitted fake letters of acceptance with their study permit applications may now be deported from Canada.

Only candidates who are determined to be genuine or fraud victims will be permitted to remain in Canada. However, individuals found guilty will face legal action in Canada, according to the Minister of Immigration. A task force has been established to investigate the situation individually.

The IRCC will grant a temporary resident permit to an international student if the facts of the case clearly show that they entered Canada with the intention of studying and were unaware that they were using false documentation.

India has been pleading with Canadian authorities to address the situation fairly and from a humanitarian standpoint. The issue has been brought up with Canadian officials by the Indian Ministry of External Affairs, who have emphasised that it is unfair to penalise students who sought their education in good faith. The real number of students who are apparently affected is less than 700, and several Indian students who are facing deportation have reportedly secured “stay orders” from Canadian officials.

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