Crackdown on Illegal Residents: Saudi Arabia Takes Action

Saudi Arabia's Illegal Residents Crackdown Continues

In a relentless crackdown on unlawful residents, Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs reported the successful repatriation of 7,557 expats who were detained for different infractions throughout the past week. Alongside these repatriations, officials disclosed the apprehension of 12,777 additional expatriates, demonstrating a consistent commitment to respecting the country’s residence, visa, and employment requirements.

Stringent Security Measures

During the second week of June, numerous security services escalated their efforts to discover and detain those living unlawfully in the nation. The search operations mainly targeted offenders who had failed to renew or modify their visas after expiry, participated in unlawful work, or overstayed their allotted duration in the nation. Officials have committed to sustain the tempo of these intensive screenings in the ensuing days.

Violation Statistics

Among the inmates, the majority were detained for visa-related violations, accounting for 6,695 arrests. Additionally, 3,960 persons were seized for breaking border protection rules, while 2,122 were arrested for contravening labor restrictions.

Border Security Forces

The renowned Raksha Sena, charged for defending the nation’s borders, detained a further 628 persons seeking to enter the country via illegitimate ways. Notably, 60 percent of these perpetrators originated from Yemen, 38 percent from Ethiopia, and the remaining 2 percent from different other countries.

Consequences and Collaborations

Authorities have strongly warned that serious penalties, including up to 15 years of jail and a fine of 10 lakh Riyals, await anyone found guilty of these offences, as well as anybody assisting and abetting them. The Ministry of Home Affairs highlighted that seized assets would include buildings hosting unlawful inhabitants and vehicles engaged in their support. Furthermore, the identities of offenders will be publicised in local media channels, guaranteeing public awareness.

Community Vigilance

Encouraging public engagement, the Ministry of Home Affairs invited anybody with knowledge about unlawful residents or lawbreakers to collaborate with security services. By freely submitting pertinent information, people may help to the nation’s efforts in preserving a safe and legal environment.

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