Court Denies Bail to Accused of Defrauding NRI

Court in Support of NRI Victims

Court Denies: Delhi Court Denies Anticipatory Bail to Bank Manager Accused of Defrauding NRI Couple of Rs 13 Crore. The Delhi court has rejected the anticipatory bail plea of Vipin Mishra, a sales manager at ICICI Bank, accused of orchestrating a scheme to siphon off over Rs 13 crore from an NRI couple’s account.

Mishra, along with co-accused Varun Vashisht, allegedly deceived the couple into investing before misappropriating the funds.

Court Denies Bail…

Additional Sessions Judge Shefali Barnala Tandon presided over the case, highlighting the seriousness of the allegations and Mishra’s evasion of investigation, as non-bailable warrants have been issued against him.

The court emphasized the charges of cheating, misappropriation, and forgery against Mishra and Vashisht.

Citing evidence including CCTV footage capturing Mishra withdrawing funds from the complainant’s account, the court found substantial grounds to reject the bail plea.

Prabhav Ralli, the complainant’s advocate, stressed the detrimental impact such crimes have on public trust in the banking system. This ruling underscores the judiciary’s commitment to upholding justice and ensuring accountability, particularly in cases involving financial fraud.

Mishra’s failure to cooperate with the investigation further solidifies the court’s decision to deny anticipatory bail, signalling the gravity of the allegations against him and his co-conspirator. This action from Court emphasizes on the NRI Support and help in India.

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