Statue of Liberty Replica on NRI’s Roof in India

NRI from Punjab has Statue of Liberty on Rooftop

NRI Dalbir Singh, hailing from Bajuhan Khurd village in Nakodar, Jalandhar, Punjab has added a unique touch to his ancestral home by erecting a towering replica of the Statue of Liberty on its rooftop.

With a height of approximately 20 feet, this striking structure stands out prominently, becoming a symbol of pride for the entire village. Dalbir Singh’s endeavour to create a distinct identity for his family home reflects his deep-rooted connection to his roots, despite residing abroad.

Statue of Liberty…

The project, requiring an investment of Rs 3 lakh, showcases his commitment to preserving his cultural heritage while embracing global experiences.

Santokh Singh, Dalbir’s father, expresses immense pride in his son’s initiative, emphasizing the importance of maintaining ties to one’s background even in distant lands. The Statue of Liberty replica serves as a testament to the enduring bond between the diaspora and their homeland.

Crafted by artisan Balwinder Kaul, renowned for his artistic water tanks and statues in the Jalandhar district, the statue is a testament to Punjabi creativity and passion. Its completion marks a milestone in the village’s history, garnering admiration from residents and visitors alike.

As the finishing touches are applied to the statue, the anticipation grows among villagers to witness its full glory. This remarkable tribute to the iconic Statue of Liberty resonates with the universal values of freedom and democracy, symbolizing the enduring spirit of Punjab and its diaspora worldwide.

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